Monthly Archives: March 2013

Set up !


This week I’ve been working on my set’s for the animated part of my film and looking for film locations for the live action parts. I started off making a basic base for my set, a simple construction that consisted of screwing two bits of wood together and then setting them on a table and screwing them to the wall.


I then glued two metal runners to the back wall of the base so I can slide different A1 back drops into place for different scenes – a very simple task that left me feeling like a D.I.Y geniusIMG01026-20130321-1458


I then went about making a back drop and rock props for the spoon crabIMG01035-20130321-1900

on Sunday I went to check out a top secret film location on the downs in Bristol – you know the bit with the goats , and found some very nice potential spots for filming, I’ve also got an actress sorted for the wildlife presenter so things are coming together quite nicely!!

As you will know if you’ve read my last couple of weeks I’ve been knitting bunting for my Gran’s 90th birthday and here are my efforts so far I’m pleased with my progress but still hoping to get a few more done but not to worry as I still have a few weeks. I also found some perfect ribbon to tie it all together with



and that’s this weeks antics – more coming soon !



Lots going on


These last couple of weeks I have been busy finishing off the llama muscles , I then did a walk and run cycle with the llama ( walk cycle will be put up on my vimeo account soon ) and then proceeded to give him is skin head and dignity back – I’ve yet to do more walk / run cycles with him and his new skin on but he is looking much better appearance wise.


although work has got in the way a bit this week I’ve still managed to get one more of my 642 things to draw done this weeks ( although technically I should say last weeks task was to draw girlish laughter – this wan’t to difficult because living in a house with 3 other girls inspiration for such a subject comes very easily.


I’ve also been working on more knitted triangles for my Gran’s birthday bunting – I must confess it hasn’t quite been one a day like I had hoped ( perhaps a bit ambitious there ) but my collection has definitely grown , I will keep at it on my spare evenings and have a few long car and train journeys coming up this month so will be able to make good use of that time ! Here is what I have so far – I hope to at least double my collection here in time for my Gran’s birthday party !


Lastly I have been working on some silhouettes which I will be developing into character designs for a project I’m working on for a school literacy program based on king Arthur


And that’s just about everything I’ve been doing instead of writing my blog for the last two weeks – maybe not very disciplined blog wise but at least it’s evidence of creative productivity – More up dates soon !