BBQ season for the firecracker


Perhaps it has something to do with some of the roasting weather we’ve been having ( you know in between the rain ) but  bbq season has started off well for the fire cracker – I’ve finally started to produce some nice tests of my fire cracker/ llama creature running whilst on fire which I’m very pleased about as it’s one of the bigger hurdles to get over in this current project. Here he is in action – I love working with this puppet , he is all ball and socket armature and is just lovely to animate with 🙂


This month has really been all about setting up for animating making lots of flames ect so there’s not a lot of cool pictures to show you however I do have this picture of this contraption I made to film my llama from a binoculars eye view – behold the magic of a cardboard box !


In other news I’ve gained extra studio space ! This is great because my original space was a 3 meter square room! I now also have the 3 meter square room next door meaning I can keep one blacked out for animating in and the other I can have as a daylight work space for when I’m creating , drawing designing ect – real day light , imagine that ! no more doodling under hot set lights !  This makes me very happy.

I’m expecting to have my film finished by the end of July so I can start hopefully taking on commissions and do work shops for kids and also work on lots of new ideas I have occurring

To finish I’ll leave you with a picture of the statue of ood – Enjoy !




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