Monthly Archives: September 2013

Taking a leap


Hello reader(s) – ( I like to think that maybe there might be multiple of you by now ? I hope you’ve all been soaking up the sun this summer! As a stop motion animator I did stop to acknowledge the sun , and then proceeded to my blacked out studio where only controlled lighting is welcome. I did make it out side once or twice though so not to panic. I also achieved this summer something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – I QUIT MY DAY JOB! and no I haven’t made it for the big time yet but I decided that it was time to take a step into finding something I really enjoy. For the moment I am starting to set my self up doing creative freelance Jobs. As I’m still saving up for efficient programs to offer my services as a stop motion animator for the private sector, I am branching out and using my skills in workshops for children as well as trying my hand at lots of different types of creative skills. I also have a lot of projects on at the moment that I’m doing on a voluntary bases such as illustrating a children’s science book and literacy program , running animation workshops for a youth group in kingswood and entering film competitions. On top of all this I’m searching for a part time creative job , a job I enjoy and provides me with a little bit of money each month.

Encounters is coming up this week I am very excited about even more so for the fact that a friend of mine has got me a delegate pass ( Thanks Reuben ). So no doubt my next blog is going to be full of Encounters fun and me making it big time !