Monthly Archives: October 2013

Exciting times


A couple of weeks ago I entered a pitching competition called Enter the pitch. This is an amazing competition which asks film makers from any back ground to take a story from the bible , make it their own and then pitch it in video format. There are several tough stages to get through but resulting in some great opportunities for not only the winner but also some of the runners up. Including a budget for your film , great residential courses , a trip to holly wood Рreally amazing stuff! My entry is based on the Gospel. It is a theatrical stop motion and live action film that depicts the relationship between a Father and daughter. A strong relationship which is put on the line when the daughter wonders into danger and the father has to lay down his life in order to save her.My pitch has made it through the first round and is now up for public vote !!! to watch my pitch and vote please go to you only have until the 28th october to do so! So go vote and tell all your friends to do so too! Here are some pretty pics of character designs and sculpts ect

creature1 girl1 pic2 pic3