my creative triathlon : puppet making ,drawing and knitting


After my successful tests last week with the llama puppet , this week I started rebuilding his bodily muscle. This time a little more shaped than before. I focused most of my attention on building up the muscles around the legs as well as leaving access points to get to the armature joints.

IMG00993-20130215-1907 IMG00999-20130219-1550 IMG01000-20130219-1643 IMG01004-20130221-1854 IMG01005-20130222-1708   once I finish the rest of the muscles for head, neck and tail , I will then be carrying out more walk and run cycles to make sure they still look satisfactory.

additional creative projects of the week included this weeks entry of 642 things to draw – which was a keyboard


I’ve also started a new little creative project on the side, my Gran turns 90 this year and we are throwing her a big birthday party and as she has always been a keen knitter. I have decided to make knitted bunting for the occasion this week I managed to fit in one a day which was great !here they are so far !




Animation Marathon and 642 things to draw!


This week has been very productive – I’ve managed to get to my studio almost everyday ! I spent all monday animating as much as possible and tuesday and wednesday I had half days full of animating ( the other half of the days were spent at my rel job booo! ) I have produced a llama walk and run cycle which I’m quite happy with and also a crab walk cycle which I’m almost equaly happy with ( as in I like it but I was particularly happy with my llama run cycle ) The next step from here will be giving my llama armature his flesh and skin back and doing a few more similar tests , doing a few more tests with the crab so I get familiar with his walk making up the sets and props ect. here are all the links to my animated efforts this week.

This weeks 642 things to draw task was a sound wave !

from my book 642 things to draw!

from my book 642 things to draw!

And that’s about it for this week! but lots more coming soon!

642 things to draw!!


ImageFor my Birthday my amazing sister , Sarah , gave me this fantastic sketchbook called 642 things to draw – as you can guess it gives you the names of 642 things and a space to draw them. This is my first entry – a baguette !


I would like to say I’m going to do an entry every day but I think that might be a bit ambitious so I’m going to aim for once a week and will try to remember to post them on here !

I went into the studio today to prepare it for animating next week – I randomly have lots of days and half days off next week so am going to go for a animation marathon with my llama and spoon crab and possibly even the night sparrow we shall see , so come back next week to find out what I’ve drawn and hopefully with any luck some fantastic beautiful animation tests!

Llama meets Fire


It’s been over a month since my last post so here’s what I’ve been up to whilst not updating my blog.

So most importantly I have been working on my llama and fire tests – the first one is my llama walk cycle after my latest rejigging of the armature – the second is my llama walking through some flames both need a little work but I’m fairly pleased with them as starting points. I would like to improve the walk cycle by making it a bit smoother and also develop a run cycle.

llama walk cycle

lllama walks through fire

I’ve also started up two new creative hobbies over this Christmas – the first inspired by the present given to me by my Gran – which was a beautiful knitted duck. So I have started knitting myself a scarf a good starter project I feel and very fitting to the cold weather we’re having.

my scarf so far

I’ve also been experimenting lino printing  – I found a photograph of my grand parents old house which brought with it an lovely nostalgic feeling. so I decided  to do some lino printing on a drawing based on the photograph. I first drew onto the lino , and started by cutting out the sky ( as I wanted to have the pattern of the paper to be the sky ). I then did a print of the lino in green for all the bushes in the back ground which I then cut out and did a lighter green print for the grass. Next I cut out all the grass ( leaving the poppies ( i.e the red smudges ) and printed in a dark red/brown for the house and base colour of the poppies and finally cut out the house and printed the poppies in a brighter red. Here are the outcomes.IMG00896-20130109-1210 IMG00897-20130109-1210 IMG00899-20130111-1154

So that’s everything interesting I’ve been up too this last couple of months! Lots more posts coming soon !

Fire ! it’s a burning thing !


These last couple of weeks I have been working of various stop motion fire techniques. I did a few more experiments with feathers and cotton wool and then moved on to acetate and paper cut out. 


And this is the bodge job I did of creating below the table lighting however I need to get a less powerful light as after just half an hour of animating my flames started smoking a bit and my set melting – think I might of just escaped creating an actual fire 


Luckily nothing actually caught fire and below is my series of fire tests which I am fairly happy with , I think I will be using the acetate flames for fire on the ground and maybe more feathery type fire for the actual llama – not sure how I’m attaching the fire to llama but that will be experimenting with over the next month or so



Just a short update this week. I have started experimenting with stop motion fire techniques. This week I used feathers , coloured lighting and the timeless stop motion animators old friend cotton wool 🙂

Here is the link to my first experiment

I’ve also started the making of my Christmas presents and made my first batch of organic home made soap which is quite exciting – making Christmas presents takes a bit more time but is so much more fun than shopping !


Stop Motion Fire !