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A Lesson well learnt


So here I am a day before the Bristol Animated Encounters deadline and unfortunately , although it’s pretty close to completion – my film isn’t ready for the deadline. Although this is some what disappointing , I came to the decision after quite an unlucky week off work a few weeks ago now ( set aside for doing all the complicated bits ). That I was still going to work hard at finishing my film for the deadline but I wasn’t prepared to compromise on the quality in order to get it finished. And so although it is disappointing not to meet the deadline ( which perhaps was foreseeable whilst working full time to fund the project ) I’m happy with my decision to finish the film to the best of my ability also with that there are lots of really great film festivals around the uk that I will be able to enter it into – including encounters next year – possibly alongside my next planned project. I’ve learnt alot about quality over quantity in this project as well as setting my self realistic time frames in which to complete a project. I think one of my main errors on this project came from not starting off with any kind of deadline or time frame until I decided to try and make the encounters deadline half way through.

Anyway just to prove I have been doing work and not slacking off – here is a link to my rough pre trailer trailer video to give you a bit of a flavour of what “back from the brink is going to look like. Enjoy


Lots more coming soon including the official trailer



Onwards and upwards!


well It’s been about a month since my last post which means it’s time to fill you all in on what I’ve been up too! I left you all with images of my llama armature nice and complete and have now moved on to finishing the building of the puppets. The main one I’ve been working on is the spoon crab because I really wasn’t happy with the body shape I had made. Just to remind you here is the sculpt of how I want the finished character to look : Image

This is how the puppet was looking :


So I decided to re do the body to look more like the sculpt and ended up using a squeezy lemon juice carton – odd but it works :

Image He still need quite a bit of work but he is getting there ! there is something about the yellow lemon juice carton which I think makes him look quite funny , but I plan to paint and disguise his body to look less like a blue peter project and more natural creature like.

I’ve also got a new project in the pipeline it’s not set in stone yet but if it goes ahead its an advert for a local hot sauce business called Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium based in st nicks market ( the website is http://www.hotsauceemporium.co.uk/ ). I can’t tell you much about the project itself, but it’s going to be an online advert using the company’s already existing logo / mascot Dr. Burnorium. ( see website above he’s plastered all over it! ) This is a project I’m very excited about not only because it would be  my first time working for someone else , but the story it’s self is a really fun project not to mention being able to use an already existing exciting character. If all does go ahead, I plan to post pictures of the sculpt and puppet of Dr. B but nothing that could give away the plot until the project is finished and released. So far I have this drawing which is the beginning of the study I am carrying out on Dr.b ( please note Dr. B is not my character the drawings sculpt’s and puppet will all be my work but they entirely based on the already existing Dr .B character ) Image

This is his face ( it’s not picture perfect ) I’m attempting to draw first of all his face from the angle I have available from the companies logo to familiarize myself with his features. Next I will be attempting a side on veiw by going from what I have learned from simply copying the logo ( fingers crossed it will work )

If we get the go ahead I have decided to work on both projects at the same time by getting all the set / puppet making done ( which shouldn’t be too hard because I’ve not got much more to do on back to the brink) and then I plan to take some time off work to just animate my ass off ending with two nicely polished animations to show off 😀 watch this space!