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Lots going on


These last couple of weeks I have been busy finishing off the llama muscles , I then did a walk and run cycle with the llama ( walk cycle will be put up on my vimeo account soon ) and then proceeded to give him is skin head and dignity back – I’ve yet to do more walk / run cycles with him and his new skin on but he is looking much better appearance wise.


although work has got in the way a bit this week I’ve still managed to get one more of my 642 things to draw done this weeks ( although technically I should say last weeks task was to draw girlish laughter – this wan’t to difficult because living in a house with 3 other girls inspiration for such a subject comes very easily.


I’ve also been working on more knitted triangles for my Gran’s birthday bunting – I must confess it hasn’t quite been one a day like I had hoped ( perhaps a bit ambitious there ) but my collection has definitely grown , I will keep at it on my spare evenings and have a few long car and train journeys coming up this month so will be able to make good use of that time ! Here is what I have so far – I hope to at least double my collection here in time for my Gran’s birthday party !


Lastly I have been working on some silhouettes which I will be developing into character designs for a project I’m working on for a school literacy program based on king Arthur


And that’s just about everything I’ve been doing instead of writing my blog for the last two weeks – maybe not very disciplined blog wise but at least it’s evidence of creative productivity – More up dates soon !


my creative triathlon : puppet making ,drawing and knitting


After my successful tests last week with the llama puppet , this week I started rebuilding his bodily muscle. This time a little more shaped than before. I focused most of my attention on building up the muscles around the legs as well as leaving access points to get to the armature joints.

IMG00993-20130215-1907 IMG00999-20130219-1550 IMG01000-20130219-1643 IMG01004-20130221-1854 IMG01005-20130222-1708   once I finish the rest of the muscles for head, neck and tail , I will then be carrying out more walk and run cycles to make sure they still look satisfactory.

additional creative projects of the week included this weeks entry of 642 things to draw – which was a keyboard


I’ve also started a new little creative project on the side, my Gran turns 90 this year and we are throwing her a big birthday party and as she has always been a keen knitter. I have decided to make knitted bunting for the occasion this week I managed to fit in one a day which was great !here they are so far !



Birth of the Night sparrow


The night sparrow puppet is now finished and standing ( free standing!!! ) in all her glory along side her sculpt and also the sculpt of the spoon crab ( next to be made into a puppet ). The legs and feet were fairly easy to make.

The legs are simply wire covered with plasticine connected to the body using k and s , and the feet I made out of super sculpey ( another kind of fimo type thing that you sculpt and then bake in the oven to harden.The key to the free standing is nice large feet! ( you’ll see this in quite a lot of stop motion characters generally as the bigger the feet the more stable they are able to stand. ) The trick is to try and get a balance of big enough to let the character stand but not so big they look too goofy ( luckily the night sparrow is a strange character anyway so it doesn’t really matter if her feet look a little large.

After I made the feet and legs , I started sculpting the arms which are meant to be attached to and on top of the wings , The problem I had was that the wings – because I had made them quite delicate – could not support the weight of the plasticine, so I have had to remake the wings and arms. This time I made the wire frame of the wings and then using super sculpey I sculpted the arms and hands onto the wings and baked them. So the wings wont actually bend but they should be able to move back and forth with a bit of leeway of wire Ive left between then wings and the k and s ( covered by Plasticine )

I then went on to fill the wings in using the same technique as before glueing them to cling film and using glass paint.

And this is the finished product!

When I say finished product its really more like first draft, what will happen is once I’ve made all my puppets I will start doing some animation tests with them and then tweek or redo parts of them to perfect their performance.

Creating a monster


The Night-Sparrow puppet is now coming along really nicely, in real life she is getting more and more freaky looking (more so than the sculpt I think its the eyes ) (( definitely the eyes ))

The eyes are the standard eyes that come with the standard armature ( the metal skeleton inside ) and they look like this.








Here I have started to sculpt plasticine eyelids around the eyes its amazing how this instantly seems to create character and mood.

I then went about sculpting the head which has a small ball of silver foil inside to bulk it out a bit , but mostly consists of plasticine. I have the head sitting on a thin bit of k and s ( bronze tubing I was talking about the other day ) so it is rotatable.




Last of all I got the last bit of my k and s through the post today which meant I could attach the wings to the body.








And than is my night sparrow almost complete , I just need to sculpt her arms and make her attachable / detachable wire legs coated and sculpted in plasticine.